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Rat's Nest Cave Adventure Tour

Looking for something warmer to try this winter? Caving is perfect, as the temperature inside is a constant +5 degrees. Explore ancient passageways in Rat's Nest Cave near Canmore and see large chambers, narrow passages and a tranquil underground pool. Along the way, descend an 18m rappel, and crawl through the 'laundry chute' for just some of the highlights of this thrilling adventure. Course meets in Canmore. Prerequisite: moderate physical condition. Includes: caving guide, coveralls, all technical equipment. For additional dates, contact Rachel:

SRT Practice Nights

Master your Single Rope Technique in a well-lit, warm, clean and dry environment without the pressure of actually being in a cave. SRT Practice Nights are a few hours of non-instructional time on a designated section of our climbing wall. You'll have time to dial in your skills before delving underground—ensuring movements are smooth, fast, and efficient. Prerequisite: In-Gym Orientation and Single Rope Technique (SRT) Competency Standards Test. Equipment can be provided, if needed

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SRT Skills

Curious about caving? Join us for an introduction to the art of Single Rope Technique - the means by which cavers access the more vertical areas of caves. In this course you learn to identify, inspect and utilize specialized caving equipment to ascend and descend caving ropes through a multitude of common obstacles. With these foundational skills you can begin your journey of exploring the fascinating world of caves. This course is offered in partnership with the Alberta Speleological Society and the University of Calgary as part of a monthly practice and training event. All necessary caving equipment is provided, you simply need clean, sturdy shoes or boots, and gym-appropriate clothing.

SRT Cave Rescue

Advance your caving knowledge and learn how to get yourself or your friends out of a tight spot.  Caving equipment will be provided, if needed. Experience with basic SRT skills required.