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Climbing and Bouldering Wall Booking

Experiential programs as short as 1 hour and educational classes that cater to any skill level and interest.

All of our lessons start with a brief (15-20min) lesson that covers basic belay skills and climbing safety, then the participants have the remaining time to apply these skills and climb.  In longer programs, Instructors can include additional rope skills, movement lessons and/or rappelling.

After learning bouldering safety and falling techniques (5min) participants receive free bouldering time as well as directed movement lesson(s) supported by engaging games and challenges.

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Bouldering Basics

This 2 hour introductory course explores key bouldering movement skills such as footwork and weight shifting, as well as introduces safe falling techniques and bouldering wall etiquette. Become part of the University's amazing bouldering community and discover how fun bouldering is.

No experience required.
Includes Instructor, climbing shoes, and chalk

Technique Builder

Improve your bouldering and climbing skills by learning how and when to apply new movement techniques. This 3 hour program will teach intermediate and advanced movement such as dynamic movement, body position, and coordination moves, as well as provide individual coaching to target your specific climbing needs.


Break out of the boring gym routine and have fun achieving a full-body burn while developing body awareness and balance.  Learn how to use the suspension training system along with climbing specific resistance training and on the wall exercises that will help you send harder and improve overall fitness.

Get Active! PD Day

Active Living is excited to offer your family a variety of activities on PD Days! Engage your child’s mind and body through a variety of safe and fun activities offered by Active Living including indoor climbing, gymnastics, gym games and active gaming. Your child won’t want to miss out on this exciting new opportunity to get active instead of sitting at home on a PD Day! Activities are presented as examples only and may change due to availability.

Before Care (8:00-8:30am) F19YCBC102 and After Care (4:30-5:00pm) S19YCAC102 is available for PD Day Programs