Birthday Parties

Mini University Birthday Party!

Mini University is excited to offer your family three unforgettable birthday parties for up to 16 kids! Parties are hosted in Kinesiology's Multi-Purpose Studio on Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 am-1:30 pm, or 2:30-4:30 pm. Each party is 2 hours long: 90 minutes will be for playing and 30 minutes will be provided for food, cake and presents. You can bring your own food or you can order food at an additional cost, to be delivered by Aramark on campus. Activities and food will take place in the same room (except gym games) and please bring a cooler if you would like to keep food cold. We recommend you book your party 6-8 weeks in advance and we will be in contact within 5 business days.

The cost for the party is only $195 which includes:

- Adult Supervision and facilitation by our two Birthday Party Hosts so parents have the option to leave and come back
- Everyone will receivea Mini University T-shirt!
- Generic decorations our staff set up 90 minutes before the party begins. You can bring additional decorations 15 minutes before the party starts.
- For an additional $25 we can provide disposable food ware including plates, cutlery, cups and tablecloths
- Parking passes for you and your guests for the length of the party that you will receive by email when you register along with a map showing how to get to the room that you can include in your invitations and a map showing how to get to the room that you can include in your invitations

Choose from three of our themed parties:

LEGO® Builders - This party features fun building challenges to choose from like favourite food/animal, marble maze run or see who can build the tallest tower and then destroy it! Everyone will get to create their own name wall and decorate it to express who they are which makes for a good photo opportunity!

Active Gamers - At this party, guests will play the hottest new motion control games for Xbox One Kinect and Wii U gaming systems. Party guests will also get to play a wide variety of classic and new board games! This party is great for all ages and a good way to get your kids active!

Gym Games (Limited Availability) - Everyone will get to play a variety of fun games and activities together in one of the gyms on campus. Games will be tailored for your child and facilitated by one of our experienced games instructors! Some popular activities include dodgeball, parachute games, floor hockey and soccer.

Please note that we are not able to offer Birthday Parties in July and August because our summer camp programs are running at that time.

To book your party, please complete the Mini University Birthday Party Request Form

If you have any questions, please call Evan Smibert at 403-220-5192

Get Active! PD Day

Active Living is excited to offer your family a variety of activities on PD Days! Engage your child’s mind and body through a variety of safe and fun activities offered by Active Living including indoor climbing, gymnastics, gym games and active gaming. Your child won’t want to miss out on this exciting new opportunity to get active instead of sitting at home on a PD Day! Activities are presented as examples only and may change due to availability.

Before Care (8:00-8:30am) F19YCBC102 and After Care (4:30-5:00pm) S19YCAC102 is available for PD Day Programs

Birthday Parties - Cochrane

Birthday Party Bookings have been suspended until further notice due to Covid-19 restrictions
Birthday Party Info.
We provide 2 trained instructors for up to 22 children to supervise your group. Your birthday package includes 2 hours which includes; a 1/2 hour of games and instruction with the next half hour of supervised free time. The final hour is time for families to enjoy cake and present opening in the desiganeted party area. Due to scheduling of our birthdays, we cannot change the amount of gym time offered during birthdays. Our staff will be happy to clean up at the end of the party time.
Typically, we book parties on Sunday only; 9:30, 11:00, 12:30, 2:00, or 3:30. This is a very popular program, so plan to book about 8 to 12 weeks ahead.

Due to high demand of our parties, we often will have one birthday in the gym area, and one birthday finishing in the designated party area. We ask that you arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to allow time for our staff to clean the party area. We appreciate your understanding during our transition.

You are welcome to bring cake, ice-cream, and any other food or non-alcoholic beverage into the facility. Garbage cans are provided for your convenience. We do not have a refrigerator at this time so please consider this when making your food choices. Feel free to bring a cooler if you like.

IMPORTANT!!! All participants MUST HAVE a signed "Infomed Consent Form" by a parent or legal gardian, which are provided as an attachment in the confirmation email. As well, Informed Consents are available onsite at the time of the birthday or can be picked up prior to. If you are having trouble opneing the attachment we would be happy to email one to you to print if you like. To have an "Informed Consent Form" emailed to you, just email us at

* Children under the age of 4 require a parent with them during the gym time to help them get the most fun out of the activities in a fun, safe environment.
* Upon arrival, please be sure that parents and children remove all outer footwear and place them on the shoe racks located just before you enter the gym on the left hand
side of the gym doors. We have a NO shoe and socks rule in our gym
*Upon entering the gym doors, coat racks are available.
* Children with special needs require a 1:1 ratio for safety reasons.
*Children are asked to patiently wait on the "white" line for the coaches to commence the party.
*As we allow up to 22 children for our birthday party, bathroom / water breaks need to be parent supervised.
* 10-15 minutes has been set aside between cleanings of the desiganted party area for your convenience. (In other words, 45 minutes into the gym time, the party room will become available. This time is available for you to decorate and stage the party area to your likeness.

Birthdays are a special time for children to celebrate another bench mark in their lives. We would like to thank you in advance, for respecting each others time slots in the gym and designated party area etc as we work together to make you and your childs experience a wonderful memory.

Birthday Bookings can be made by calling Client Services at 403.220.7749 during hours Mon-Thurs 6am-10:30pm, Fri 6- 9:30 Sat & Sun 8:00-8:30pm or under view offerings online.

For more info. contact TC Rogers at 403-932-7373

Birthday package rates: $195.00 plus tax ( for up to 22 children)