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Comprehensive Bike Repair Course

Using your own bike, (mountain or road) learn and practice the principles of bike repair from a professional mechanic. You'll be led hands-on through a comprehensive tune-up/overhaul—leaving no component untouched (fork and shock internals exempt). The content includes four modules (A. Basic Maintenance, B. Gears and Brakes C. Bearings and D. Wheel Truing) which will give you the knowledge to improve the performance and longevity of every component on your bike. Weekend and 4-week evening courses available. 14+. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools and supplies, course notes and Basic Bike Mechanic certificate upon completion. 20% off tools and repair supplies when purchased.

Suspension Fork Basic Service & Brake Bleeds

You've been asking for it! This next-level course is for anyone who has successfully completed our ABCD Weekend Bike Repair course. Learn and apply standard service procedures to rebuild your bike to an higher level (max 5 participants). Topic include: Basic suspension fork service, and hydraulic bleed procedures for Sram and Shimano, plus tips on bringing routine repairs to a higher level of accuracy and consistency. It is suggested that you bring in your bike for an assessment in advance to determine any required parts. Prerequisite: ABCD Weekend Certificate or equivalent hands-on practice. Includes instructor, course notes and resources, all lubricants/hydraulic fluids. 20% off in-stock tools and repair supplies when purchased.

Basic Bike Repair

Less fuss, more ride - learn how to efficiently fix a flat tire, clean and lubricate a dirty chain (and fix a broken one), and fix some of the common noises that bikes tend to make. Also learn when a trip to a professional bike mechanic is warranted. Get the confidence to do-it-yourself while on the road, the trail, or your workshop. No experience necessary. 16+. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools and supplies, course notes. 20% off tools and repair supplies when purchased.

Krank Factory 101 - Mountain Bike

Get stoked and kick up some dust on awesome trails this mountain bike season! Krank Factory 101 is a week-long camp that will introduce you to the fundamentals of mountain biking, braking, balance, gearing, and basic obstacle riding. The first session will be at a local Calgary trail. The rest will be spent on a variety of scenic trails outside of the city. Required: mountain bike ready to ride, a helmet that fits, and a spare tube. Check equipment list and additional information in the online event details. Prerequisite: riders must be very comfortable riding a bike and eager for off-road surfaces. Includes: instructor, transportation.

Mountain Biking Series

Have fun exploring the trails and learning new techniques in a fun group atmosphere! Our trained ride instructors focus on improving position and balance on the bike, developing timing and coordination, cornering, braking and shifting skills and building terrain awareness. Practice and ride at a variety of popular trail location in Calgary and Kananaskis over 5 weeks. Riders will be divided into groups based on skill and experience. No experience necessary. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, course notes.

Intermediate Mountain Biking Series

Designed for the strong-beginner to intermediate rider with good cycling fitness, this skill-building series develops confidence on technical terrain. Using a new trail each week, emphasis will be on balance and positioning, timing and coordination, direction control, and terrain awareness, as well as achieving individual goals and skill development. Prepare for a fun and challenging session each week! Prerequisite: ability to ride most West Bragg XC loops in under 2 hours. Includes: instructor, course notes, free registration in Mountain Bike Maintenance & Tech Tutorial.

Mountain Biking Expedition - Teens

Camp for 3 days in Kananaskis and ride some of the best mountain terrain in the world. Through a combination of cross-country and freeride skill development, you’ll learn about and practice body positioning, gearing, cornering and maneuvering on trails. Trail selection, bike maintenance and outdoor skills are also introduced. This expedition is operated out of a base campsite to which riders return each night. Required: mountain bike. Check equipment list and additional information in the online event details. Prerequisite: very comfortable riding a bike and eager for off-road surfaces. Must attend pre-trip meeting with a parent to discuss required items and cover meal planning (food is not included). Includes: mountain biking instructors, all group gear, transportation.

Mountain Biking 101

Get connected to your bike and the trails you want to ride! We'll practice skills and techniques that get you ready for roots, rocks, climbs and descents. In the afternoon, put it all together on great nearby trails. Bike fitting, equipment selection and minor trail-side repairs are also covered. Our instructors will get you hooked on mountain biking! No mountain biking experience necessary. Includes: instructor, course notes.

Wheel Building

Learn how to measure spokes, lace, tension and true a practice wheel using a mix of measurement, formula, technology, and good old-fashioned 'feel'. This course is perfect for anyone who aspires to build their own wheels, or would like to replace a damaged rim on an exisiting wheel.

Prerequisite: ABCD course certificate and/or experience truing wheels. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools, in-house practice components (hub, spokes, rim), course notes and resources.

KAN Adventure Race

On September 29 2018, mountain bike, lake canoe, and trail run in teams of two on designated trails in the Kananaskis Barrier Lake area. This adventure race is designed for varying abilities because you go as hard as you want to. This is not an A to B style of race—there are checkpoints scattered on a map and you strategize with your teammate to get as many points as possible. Trails are activity specific so you can play to your strengths and challenge is by choice. Your only limitations are time and mode of transportation. Come out just for race day, or stay for the entire weekend (campsite booked for Fri and Sat night). Prerequisites: able to safely maneuver a canoe on flatwater, bike on intermediate trails. 14 yrs and up. Under 18 must race with adult. Includes: BBQ dinner, paddling equipment, camping fees, prizes. Race cost is per person. Ensure both partners register for the race.