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Flourishing Peer Support

Being a student isn’t just about going to class; it’s about making connections and getting the most out of your time here. Join the SU Wellness Centre’s flourishing peer team and relax with free food and activities! Come to the HISTORY or PHILOSOPHY drop-in sessions ran EVERY THURSDAY!

What is Flourishing?

Based on the mental health research of Dr. Corey Keyes, the SU Wellness Centre has adopted a flourishing model of mental health. The key take away from Dr. Keyes’ research is that absence of a mental illness is not the same as positive mental health. Similarly, even in the presence of a mental illness, you are capable of flourishing. To flourish is to feel good about a life in which you are functioning well. Keyes identifies five factors that help you to flourish: playing, learning, connecting, interacting, and helping.  By engaging in these factors on a regular basis, you can increase your positive mental health, regardless of the presence of a mental illness, or any other daily stressors.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or want to give feedback about the Flourishing Peer Support Project, email

Coming up:

April 13th and 20th

Philosophy and Friends


History and Homies

12-2pm in SS 103, the Arts Lounge

We know that students are going to be buried in their books studying for exams over the next few weeks, but we think it is important to take a much deserved break!

Come hangout with us in the Arts Lounge where we will be providing free snacks and de-stressing activities to help you get through this stressful time of the year!

Bring some friends and take advantage of the last few Flourishing sessions of the semester!

See you there!