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How much significance can you pack into three minutes?

Ten graduate students speak about their research in Wednesday’s Three Minute Thesis Finals
April 5, 2017
University of Calgary graduate student Lena Shulyakovskaya was the 2016 UCalgary3MT winner and will co-host the 2017 UCalgary3MT Finals on April 5.

University of Calgary graduate student Lena Shulyakovskaya was the 2016 UCalgary3MT winner and will co-host the 2017 UCalgary3MT Finals on April 5.

For many researchers studying niche topics, communicating the concept and broader significance of their research can be a quite the challenge. The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition enhances this challenge by putting a tight time limit on talks, and limiting graduate student speakers to one static slide and language appropriate for a non-specialist audience.

Lena Shulyakovskaya, a master’s student in educational research and the 2016 UCalgary Three Minute Thesis Winner, helped co-ordinate and run five Three Minute Thesis Heats in March 2017 and will be co-hosting the 2017 UCalgary Three Minute Thesis Finals on Wednesday, April 5.

Co-ordinated by My GradSkills in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the University of Calgary Three Minute Thesis Competition (UCalgary3MT) aims to help graduate students develop their communication skills and help the university community discover the vast range of research happening on campus.

“I am a big supporter of the 3MT and the transferable skills the competition helps to develop for all of the participants,” says Shulyakovskaya.

After five heats and nearly 60 graduate student speakers, 10 finalists have advanced to compete in the 2017 UCalgary3MT Finals.

“What has blown me away the most though is the strength of everyone's presentations and the passion students have for sharing their research,” says Shulyakovskaya. "There is very exciting and ground-breaking research happening on our campus right now, and the 3MT provides an awesome opportunity for the larger campus community to get a snapshot of the amazing things other departments and faculties are working on.”

Come hear the 2017 UCalgary3MT Finalists on Wednesday, April 5, 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Husky Oil Great Hall, Rosza Centre.

2017 UCalgary3MT Finalists

  • Stephanie Hladik, Master’s student in Engineering – Electrical & Computer
    Supervisor: Dr. Laleh Behjat 
    Talk title: Using an Engineering Education Framework to Introduce Elementary Teachers to Computational Thinking
  • Nancy Adam, PhD student in Medicine – Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
    Supervisors: Dr. Tara Beattie, Dr. Karl Riabowol
    Talk title: The Aging Clock: Capping the Lifespan of our Cells
  • William Andrew Thompson, PhD student in Biological Sciences
    Supervisor: Dr. Matt Vijayan
    Talk title: The Environmental Cost of Pursuing Happiness
  • Supun De Silva, Master’s student in Engineering – Electrical & Computer
    Supervisor: Dr. Michal Okoniewski
    Talk title: Efficient Antennas for Your Smart Phone
  • Tona Pitt, Master’s student in Medicine – Community Health Sciences
    Supervisor: Dr. Brent Hagel
    Talk title: Determining the Cause of Motor Vehicle Related Paediatric Bicyclist Injuries
  • Ghada Nafie, Master’s student in Engineering – Chemical & Petroleum
    Supervisor: Dr. Nashaat N. Nassar
    Talk title: Nanoparticle Technology - Tomorrow's Wastewater Solution
  • Aprami Jaggi, PhD student in Geoscience
    Supervisors: Dr. Steve R. Larter, Dr. Thomas B.P. Oldenburg
    Talk title: The Ultimate Fate of Oil in the Marine Environment Following Spillage
  • Cynthia Kahl, Master’s student in Medicine – Neuroscience
    Supervisor: Dr. Frank P. MacMaster
    Talk title: Turning Down the Tics: Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as a Potential Treatment for Tourette's Syndrome in Children
  • Susann Lagore, PhD student in Environmental Design
    Supervisor: Dr. Thomas P. Keenan
    Talk title: All Aboard: Public Transit for Individuals with Autism
  • Samadhi Gunasekera, PhD student in Engineering – Civil
    Supervisor: Dr. Patrick Hettiaratchi
    Talk title: Methane Biofiltration - One Step Closer to Preventing Global Warming