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University officials commend quick action of students

Threatening note found on campus, brought to attention of police
March 9, 2017

Six copies of a suspicious note were found on campus Tuesday that appeared to threaten some local mosques. The first two copies discovered were found by students and reported to Campus Security and Student Enrolment Services.

This quick response allowed the Calgary Police Service to begin their investigation early. The University of Calgary was never mentioned in the notes and was not believed by police to have been a target.

“I wish to commend our students whose good judgment helped to ensure the safety of the entire campus community,” said President Elizabeth Cannon. “The University of Calgary is committed to creating a safe and respectful campus for all students, faculty, staff and visitors, and the best way to accomplish this is if we’re all looking out for one another.”

Police are now investigating to try to learn who made the threats, but do not believe there is a credible risk to public safety at this point. All the impacted mosques were searched by police officers and informed of the threats.

The university has followed up with faith-based groups on campus to reassure them over any concerns this incident may have raised. Campus Security is continuing to work with Calgary Police to investigate this incident.



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