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PURE Awards offer undergrad researchers funding opportunities

Applications on new website now open until Feb. 5
December 10, 2015
Applications for the next round of funding for PURE Awards — Program for Undergraduate Research Experience — are open now until Feb. 5, 2016 on a new application website. Photo by Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

Applications for the next round of funding for PURE Awards — Program for Undergraduate Research Experience — are open now until Feb. 5, 2016 on a new application websitePhoto by Riley Brandt, University of Calgary 

Ash Kolstad learned more than he expected to during his Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) project last summer.

Kolstad worked on concussion research with Dr. Carolyn Emery in the Faculty of Kinesiology, and sayshe certainly learned “more about research methods and what it is like to have a project I can call my own, and present my findings at research symposia.” He also discovered that a PURE Award can influence your life plans.

“PURE gave me an opportunity to network with other undergraduate students, doctors and graduate students," he says.

"Learning about their research experiences really allowed me to identify as an undergraduate researcher. It sparked my interest to pursue research in medicine as a career and life passion in order to make a difference.”

Kolstad’s experience captures the spirit of Eyes High and many PURE Award recipients have similar stories to tell. Their stories inspired changes in the application process for 2016.

In addition to describing the research project they plan to undertake, applicants will be able to explain how the project relates to their own interests and identify the learning goals they hope to achieve. The new PURE application site also features simple authentication and application processes, and enhanced features for other participants, including faculty-level coordinators and faculty supervisors.

“As a research-intensive university, the University of Calgary offers a unique learning environment where students can interact professors who are actively engaged in examining, creating, and applying the knowledge of their fields” says Brian Moorman, academic director of the PURE Awards.

“These awards make it possible for undergraduate students to learn along side University of Calgary researchers to directly contribute to creating knowledge that will have an impact in the world.”

 The strongest support for taking up a PURE Award comes from PURE participants themselves.

“The PURE Award provided me with the academic and financial support to investigate a question that was central to my teaching experience and beliefs,” says Maria Herrera from the Werklund School of Education. “I learned about conducting research in education and became more confident in explaining why I want to be a teacher. I encourage everyone to apply, as it is a great opportunity to grow professionally and personally.”

PURE Awards are designed to support research-based learning experiences for full-time undergraduate students, and applications from students in the early stages of their programs are strongly encouraged. PURE awards provide financial support to undergraduates conducting research over a period of eight, 12 or 16 weeks between May and August.

Applications for Spring - Summer 2016 are now open and the deadline for applications is Feb. 5, 2016. To learn more about the award and the online application process, please visit the PURE website.

The integration of teaching and research is a priority in our Eyes High vision and PURE reflects that commitment. PURE Awards are a joint initiative of the provost and vice-president (academic) and the vice-president (research).