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Why United Way?

A strong, supported, resilient city benefits all of us. Every day, the United Way of Calgary and Area has a profound impact on our community by ensuring an essential network of programs and services work together to achieve lasting, positive change. No other organization has the same breadth, depth, reach and history of making such a profound difference in the lives of others.

More Calgarians are at risk to experience poverty in 2016. By donating what you can, we can help more than 7,600 families and individuals meet their basic needs by addressing root causes of poverty. United Way is uniquely positioned to make the most out of your investment.

Why does the University support United Way of Calgary and Area?

  • Both the University of Calgary and United Way share a vision of a better, stronger community for everyone.
  • The mandate of United Way resonates with the university’s strategic plan, which includes involvement with and service to the greater Calgary community.
  • As a learning institution, the university is an advocate of nurturing empowerment and influencing positive change within the community.
  • Aligning with United Way touches so many areas where we can make positive changes, whether it’s education, homelessness or providing opportunities for seniors and youths to be engaged within the community.
  • With United Way, the university can ensure that our support is going to agencies that are results-centered, those that focus on prevention, and those that use the best data to make the biggest impact.
  • United Way is a reputable, transparent organization. Because of their strong ties within the community, we can rest assured that our donor dollars go to the programs and services that create the most impact and that operate ethically and practice good governance.

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Fundraising Goal


The race to

  1. Faculty of Graduate Studies
  2. University Relations
  3. Provost & VP (Academic)
  4. President's Office
  5. Cumming School of Medicine

* based on weighted percentage of pledges (75%) and dollars raised (25%)