Will automated indoor farming provide a solution to food insecurity in 2050?

Inquiry-based learning allows freedom to invent the future the way you see it, student says

University of Calgary Global Challenges student Ivan Savytskyy explores farming in space through his studies with the College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation. Photos courtesy Ivan Savytskyy

By Ivan Savytskyy, Global Challenges student

Food literally makes up who you are. This is nothing profound, but it’s surprising how easy it can be to forget. Thankfully, there are people at the University of Calgary who have developed a course program to remind us of that fact.

Last year, Jay Cross and the team in the College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation (CDCI) introduced our cohort to the global challenge of feeding nine billion people by 2050. The university has created something novel with the Global Challenges I course, and when Global Challenges II came around, I was thrilled for another opportunity to innovate.

But what makes Global Challenges so unique? Well, let’s talk about the inquiry-based model of learning.

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