College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation

The College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation (CDCI) is the Taylor Institute’s arm devoted to providing and supporting different types of learning experiences that bring together students, faculty and community through discovery, creativity, and innovation, cutting across the normal boundaries within the university.

CDCI News & Events 

Nov 09
Speakeasy : Event Series
May 17
Design Thinking
Apr 29
Building Community
Apr 13
2050 Project
Global Challenges
What is your place in the world by 2050? Take the lead in exploring complex, global issues, ask important questions and solve problems that mean something to you in UNIV 201: Global Challenges Inquiry I and UNIV 203: Global Challenges Inquiry II.
Communities of Practice
The College of Discovery, Creativity creates shared experiences and new ideas for teaching and learning through the Inquiry-Based Learning Community of Practice and the Global Challenges Community of Practice for University of Calgary instructors and members of the community.
Speakeasy Series
Speakeasy is an event series that facilitates community-building with thought-provoking discussion among students, staff and community across the arts, humanities, business, science and engineering in order to foster discovery, creativity and innovation.