Using TI Learning Spaces - for instructors

For assistance with technology emergencies in the building, please contact 403-690-7246. Also, help is available through the Educational Development Unit staff offices (top of the west stairs, turn left) - our administrative coordinator at the reception desk can send someone downstairs for urgent issues. 

Guide document from learning space podium

The full podium guide is available as a direct download

Solstice collaboration players

The Solstice collaboration player allows people to display content on the displays within the TI learning spaces without the need for cables or dongles. A free download is required, however.

Solstice Downloads:

Audio / Microphones

If you plan to use microphones for yourself or your students, please arrange to have them set up before your class begins. The podium microphone is available any time as it is built into the podium, but the lapel microphone, handheld microphone and tabletop microphones may need to be recharged if they were used in a previous class.

Room configuration

Please note that although the collaboration carts displays are mobile, they can only moved for special circumstances. It will also be difficult to move them from other learning spaces, as there will be other classes or sessions scheduled in each learning space throughout the week. The connection cord for the displays is highly fragile, and can be destroyed if the cables are stepped on or crushed under a table or chair. Also, the connections within the floorbox units are easily damaged if the connection cord is pulled or stretched.

Tables and chairs should be reset to “normal” positions at end of session. Please feel free to rearrange the tables and chairs as needed during your class.

Lecture capture

A USB 3.0 thumbdrive is required to record video from the lecture capture unit (insert it into the REC USB plug in the podium console). After inserting, it will take several seconds (up to 30 seconds) for the drive to be recognized. Once that process is complete, the Crestron display will indicate how long a recording can be, based on the space available on your drive. After pressing Record, it will take several seconds to start recording (and will be indicated on the Crestron display). When complete, press stop. It can take up to a minute for the recording process to stop and for the file to be saved onto your drive. Please do not remove your USB thumbdrive until the Crestron display indicates that this process has completed, or the video file will be corrupted.

Also, at this time we recommend against using the automatic tracking camera, as there are some issues with the reliability of that function. Preset 1 should provide a wide-angle view of the front part of the learning studio, and serves as a safe default recording mode.​

Suggestions? Questions?

If you would like information about how to use specific technologies in the TI learning spaces, let us know and we can schedule a demo and prepare documentation.