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Skills For Success Program

The Skills for Success Program is designed to recognize undergraduate students who spend time developing skills that are important to achieving academic and personal success.

Skills for Success Program

Please note: as of September 2016 there have been some changes made to the Skills for Success Program. Please read the following information to ensure you have a clear understanding of the changes and new requirements to achieve Co-Curricular Record credit. If you have any questions please email

Attend a minimum of five Student Success Seminars within a one academic year period to complete the Skills for Success Program and obtain credit on your Co-curricular Record.

To receive credit for the Skills for Success Program, students must enroll in our Desire to Learn course. Along with attending the Success Seminars, students will complete quizzes associated with some of the seminars in order to reflect upon and utilize the content. All related quizzes can be found on the D2L page. 

Which Success Seminars can I choose?

You can select from a variety of sessions that focus on topics such as student life, test preparation, study skills and time management. See Success Seminars for a complete list of seminars and the dates and times that the sessions are offered. Registering for the program will also allow you access to the online versions of the Success Seminars.

If you attend all sessions for the Skills for Success Day on January 23rd you are eligible for your certificate at the end of that day. If you only complete a few of the sessions, you can work to achieve the 5 attended sessions over the rest of your academic year. 

How do I complete the required quizzes and activities?

Once you are registered in the program, you will have access to our Skills for Success Certificate course in D2L, which hosts the online quizzes related to each Success Seminar. 

Do I have to complete all five sessions in the same year?

Yes! Students must complete the required five sessions in a one academic year (September-May) period. Attendance will be tracked by the Student Success Centre.

Criteria to complete Skills for Success Program CCR Credit:

  • Attend 5 Success Seminars (4 academic and at least 1 wellness)
  • Complete and submit the reflection web form located on the Skills for Success Program website (click red button that says “Submit Success Seminar reflection”). There are two questions to be completed and submitted for each seminar you attend.
  • Complete all 5 sessions and reflections in the same academic year (September-April)
  • Submit your request for CCR credit on the CCR portal (search: Skills for Success-Program Participant)

Skills for Success Day

Writing, Learning, Math, Research, Wellness

As you enter the winter 2016 semester with fresh eyes and renewed motivation, the Student Success Centre, in collaboration with Libraries and Cultural Resources and the SU Wellness Centre,  wants to help you prep for a successful academic term. We are offering a full day of seminars and sessions focusing on academics, wellness, and research. In addition to kick starting your second semester, if you complete the entire Skills for Success Day, you will be able to obtain your Skills for Success credit on your CCR!

Date: January 23rd, 2016

Time: 10:30am - 3:30pm

Location: TFDL

Skills for Success Day Logistics

1. Register for your sessions.  To register, simply follow the "Skills for Success Day - Registration Instructions" in the right column.

2. Attend the 5 sessions of the day and sign in on all attendance sheets 

3. Apply for your CCR credit by contacting Callie Lathem, SSC Program Assistant at .

Skills for Success Day has something to offer to every undergraduate student. See the session descriptions below: 

Skills for Success Day Sessions and Schedule

Core Session (10:30-11): This session will set the tone for the day by encouraging students to use effective methods of goal setting to plan for the rest of their semester.

Fundamentals of University Writing (11:05-11:50): This workshop introduces new university students to the expectations of academic writing and the writing and research support resources available.  It features topics like getting the most from your assignment sheet, finding sources, and five things to do before you hand in your paper.

Study Smarter, Not Longer (11:05-11:50): The key to effective studying is being aware of your strengths and weaknesses.  This session will help you to understand what type of learner you are, and reveal study habits that successful students often employ. You will learn how to create study strategies that are suited to your learning style and how to make your study sessions more efficient.

Learning from Lectures (11:05-11:50): Starting out with a good set of lecture notes is essential to successful study practices.  This seminar will introduce you to some effective strategies for ensuring that your lecture notes are clear and complete.

Student Panel (11:55-12:40): Listening to your peers about their diverse range of experiences at UCalgary can help you find new pathways of engagement and learn about strategies to help you be an effective and productive student. This moderated panel will ask a group of students a wide range of questions and leave time for the audience to participate as well.

Refreshment Break with Resource Fair (12:45-1:30): Over some refreshments, mingle with some of the presenters and resources that you were introduced to in the morning. The session will have booths from Wellness, UCalgary Libraries, and the SSC with knowledgeable people to answer your questions.

Study Tips and Problem Solving for Math Courses (1:30-2:15): In this session, you will learn various study strategies to prepare for tests, while developing your problem solving ability.

UCalgary Libraries presents: “Good vs. Bad Sources” (1:30-2:15): Description is coming soon!

Wellness presents “Mindfulness” (1:30-2:15): Mindful meditation is a form of mental training that is secular in practice, and teaches participants how to pay attention in the present moment, without judgment. Mindfulness will not remove the stress and difficulty in your life, but will provide you with a tool to help cope with these difficulties.

Academic Integrity and Collaborating with Peers (2:20-3:05): Understanding the subtle differences between learning collaboratively with other students and ensuring that you are submitting work that fairly demonstrates your own competence is important to your success in university.  This session will cover principles of academic honesty in relation to group work and working in labs and discuss strategies for gaining the benefits from collaborative learning.

Wellness presents: “Intro to Happiness” (2:20-3:05): Intro to Happiness helps empower you to live a happier life!  This course will introduce new skills to improve your daily happiness and discover new paths to happiness that are best suited for you.  You will be introduced to the science of positive psychology and the five pathways for happiness.

Time Management and Avoiding Procrastination (2:20-3:05): Time management skills are essential to making the most of your time here at the University of Calgary.  Learn some tips to battle procrastination and start managing your time as effectively as you can.

Wrap Up and Reflection (3:05-3:20): The final session of the day is a reflection on the goals you set for yourself and the information you gained about resources and strategies. 

Skills for Success Day Reflection

Contact info

Callie Lathem
My First Six Weeks and Skills for Success

Skills for Success Day is brought to you in partnership by the Student Success Centre, Libraries and Cultural Resources, and the SU Wellness Centre.