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Thrive Priority Support Network

The Thrive Priority Support Network helps identify students who are having academic difficulty early and connect them with the right resources at the right time to manage their personal and academic challenges.

Thrive Priority Support Network

Who can help?

Academic development specialists are experts in navigating university life, and developing the learning and self-management strategies to help you have a successful and fulfilling post-secondary experience. If you’re having trouble, you might get an email from an academic development specialist inviting you to meet to discuss strategies, skills, and resources to help you. Meet the Academic Development Team.

How do you decide who needs help?

  1. We compare your academic performance in the current term to your historical GPA. We look for drops in grades that aren’t normal for you based on your past performance. For brand new students in their first semester, we don’t have a historical GPA, so we look for patterns of failing grades.
  2. Professors care about their students’ success, and sometimes they notice if a student is struggling. They can submit a confidential form letting us know if a student is having academic difficulty.

We combine these two sources of information to identify the students most in need. Then we invite them in for a meeting with an academic development specialist.

Can I choose not to participate in this program?

You cannot “opt out” of the reporting system, but if we reach out, it’s completely up to you whether you meet with us. You can respond and set up a meeting, you can say “no thanks,” or you can just ignore the email.

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is really important to us, so information about the Thrive Priority Support Network does not go in your transcript or general student record. It’s stored separately and only the Thrive administrator and the academic development specialist offering outreach see students’ Thrive data.

Instructors submitting concerns can only see what they submit. They’ll never know what your grades are in other classes, if other instructors submitted concerns, or if you decided to meet with an academic development specialist.

The purpose of the program is to connect students who may be in need of academic or personal support to the range of resources available on campus. All student information communicated through the Thrive Priority Support Network is collected under the authority of the Post-Secondary Learning Act. This information is treated confidentially and is used with the goal of supporting the student's success in the course.

Information generated by the system to determine who might benefit from the program is only used to identify students for outreach and to measure the success of the program. It is stored separately from the student’s general academic record and confidentially destroyed when it is no longer needed. Aggregate data about student engagement with the Thrive Priority Support Network will also be used in order to enhance the current model of support.

Focus Group Participants Required

Information for faculty and teaching staff

Contact info

Julie Stewart
Thrive coordinator


Find and access on and off campus supports

A list of helpful on and off campus resources are available to support you through any difficulty. We encourage you to reach out for help.