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Considering Grad School

Thinking about attending graduate or professional school, but are unsure how to get started? We will help you critically reflect on why you want to go and where you want study.

Considering Grad School

Students pursue graduate studies for different reasons. Some may choose it because it is a requirement for a chosen profession or field, to change career paths, or to carry out in depth research. Others may seek another degree simply for the love of learning or feel they may receive better financial compensation. Regardless of the reason, the common theme in all scenarios is that there is interest in continuing studies. Before committing yourself to several more years of school, it is important to critically reflect on why you want to go to graduate school and where you want to study.

What to expect from an appointment

  • Understand the types of degrees (professional vs. graduate, thesis vs. course-based) that you may be eligible to apply to nationally and internationally
  • Determine the prerequisites necessary to pursue the degree
  • Recognize the elements of the application procedure, such as the academic curriculum vitae, personal statement, etc.

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Preparing specific questions prior to your appointment will ensure you get the most from your appointment.