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Academic Improvement

Need to bump up your grades, qualify for a scholarship, or improve your academic standing? One-on-one appointments can help you hone a range of skills essential to academic success.

Academic Improvement

The first step towards academic improvement is recognizing that no one is stuck with a fixed level of academic ability; everyone can learn to be a better learner. By attending regular one-on-one sessions with an academic development specialist, you’ll become more adept at the following:

  • Analyzing your academic tasks in order to determine the skills and resources required to complete them
  • Formulating, based on that analysis, strategies for completing academic tasks that also take into account your current strengths and weaknesses
  • Monitoring and controlling your progress on academic tasks
  • Adapting your strategies based on academic outcomes

What to expect from an appointment

Academic Development Specialists can’t provide you with a one-size-fits-all set of tools; they respond to your unique academic situation, your strengths and weaknesses, and your goals. You may be coming into discover areas of potential improvement. The more self-awareness you bring to the appointment, the more productive your session will be.

STEPS Seminars

Successful Turnaround and Educational Preparation Support is a weekly, non-credit class designed to help students who are on Academic Probation regain their satisfactory standing. Although designed for students on academic probation, these seminars are available to any interested student. The sessions will provide students with an opportunity to develop in-context academic strategies, create academic goals, and reflect on their academic improvement on a weekly basis. Students will learn study techniques through on-going application to their current course work. For more information about STEPS or to express your interest in participating, contact Kaliopi Gorgichuk.

Online resources

The Student Success Centre offers a host of online resources related to academic improvement. Our resources cover many common topics that students regularly seek help with including time management, motivation and note-taking. Access our full list of online resources here.

Book an appointment with an advisor

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This type of advising is available to any students taking courses at the University of Calgary.