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Calgary Area School Engagement Sub-committee

Submitted by Stephanie Barnes on Fri, 12/18/2015 - 2:09pm


At the University of Calgary, we define school outreach and engagement as the ways in which students, faculty and staff collaborate with external K-12 educational groups in mutually beneficial partnerships that are grounded in scholarship and consistent with our role and mission as a comprehensive, public research university.


  1. To be visible, active and inform the wider community about the roles of the University of Calgary chancellor, senate and senators.

  2. To develop and implement new and engaging ways of connecting the University of Calgary with the broader education community.

K-12 Outreach

University School Week

An opportunity for elementary students to get out of the classroom and into a university environment - showing them a world of possibilities.

For more information, contact Claire Waters

Summer Camps A child’s experience at summer camp can be positively life changing. Campers will learn something new, develop fundamental movement skills, and make new friends. They will make new discoveries, develop self-esteem and have a greater opportunity to explore their creative side. Others may have a learning experience and not even know it because they are just having too much fun!

A mentoring program for girls in grades 6 to 12.

The program matches girls who are interested in science and engineering with female scientists and engineers who communicate with them online, providing guidance and sharing information. The goal is to give girls the confidence to excel in math and science and spark their desire to pursue a career in science, technology or engineering.

Minds in Motion Program

A unique science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program that encourages hands-on discovery and creativity for children in grades 3-8.

Explore IT

A one-day, hands on conference to give young women in grade 9 a taste of what it's like to work in teh expanding field of Information Technology (IT).

Operation Minerva A day of exploration and discovery aimed at attracting more girls to careers in science, technology and engineering.
Calgary Youth Science Fair For the past two years, the University of Calgary has hosted the annual city-wide event which attracts approximately 1000 elementary, junior and high school students.
Women in Engineering Day A day-long event for young women in grades 10 and 11 to provide a glimpse into the world of engineering. The event combines a design contest, demonstrations and a panel discussion featuring female role models. 
Alberta High School Math Competition A two-part competition held in November and February of each school year. Prizes include books, cash and scholarships.
Junior Math Contest A 90 minute math contest, primarily for grade 9 students. Prizes include trophies, medals and cash award. Awards banquet held at the University of Calgary.
High School Speakers Bureau  Mission is to become engaged in the high school computer curricula development and to share our knowledge and exciting experiences in computer science with high school students. 
Workshop in Computer Science for Young Women Opportunity for girls to take part in a highly stimulating session to ignite their enthusiasm for computer science. 
Computer Science Education Week An annual international event dedicated to showing K-12 students the importance of computer science education. 
Rollercoasterology program Rollercoasterology at Callaway Park is a program for junior high and high school students to explore physics in a fun and interesting way.
Rothney Astrophysical Observatory The Rothney Astrophysical is a principal teaching and research facility of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Calgary.