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4.5 Archaeology
4.6 Applied Energy Economics - Collaborative Program
4.7 Architectural Studies
4.8 Art
4.9 Art History
4.10 Asian Studies
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4.13 Classics and Religion
4.14 Communication, Media and Film
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4.18 Dance
4.19 Development Studies
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4.21 Earth Science
4.22 East Asian Language Studies
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4.31 Germanic, Slavic and East Asian Studies
4.32 Greek
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4.35 History and Philosophy of Science
4.36 Indigenous Studies
4.37 International Indigenous Studies
4.38 International Relations
4.39 Italian Studies
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4.41 Latin
4.42 Latin American Studies
4.43 Law and Society
4.44 Linguistics
4.45 Linguistics and Language
4.46 Linguistics, Languages, and Culture
4.47 Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Studies
4.48 Multidisciplinary Studies
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4.51 Philosophy
4.51.1 BA in Philosophy
4.51.2 BA Honours Philosophy
4.51.3 Minor in Philosophy
4.51.4 Concentration in Philosophy and Religion
4.51.5 BA in Women's Studies
4.51.6 BA Honours Women's Studies
4.51.7 Minor in Women’s Studies
4.52 Political Science
4.53 Primatology
4.54 Psychology
4.55 Religious Studies
4.56 Religious Studies and Applied Ethics
4.57 Russian
4.58 School of Creative and Performing Arts
4.59 School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures
4.60 Science, Technology and Society
4.61 Social and Cultural Anthropology
4.62 Sociology
4.63 South Asian Studies
4.64 Spanish
4.65 Urban Studies
4.66 Visual Studies
4.67 Women's Studies
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University of Calgary Calendar 2017-2018 Faculty of Arts 4. Program Details 4.51 Philosophy
4.51 Philosophy
Overview of Programs and Procedures in Philosophy
Baccalaureate Degrees Offered

Degrees in Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy

BA in Philosophy with Co-operative Education

BA Honours in Philosophy

BA Honours in Philosophy with Co-operative Education

Degrees in Women's Studies

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Women’s Studies

BA in Women’s Studies with Co-operative Education

BA Honours in Women’s Studies

BA Honours in Women’s Studies with Co-operative Education

Related Interdisciplinary Degrees (See separate listings)

BA in Religious Studies and Applied Ethics*

BA and BA Honours in the History and Philosophy of Science*

*Applications to this program are currently suspended. No new admissions will be permitted.


  • Minors are offered in Philosophy and Women's Studies.
  • A related interdisciplinary Minor is offered in the History and Philosophy of Science.
  • A concentration is available in Philosophy and Religion.

Those choosing Philosophy as their Major Field of concentration should be aware that an appropriate competence in the Field requires a suitable selection of courses within the major areas of Philosophy. In particular, the Department feels strongly that a student well trained in the Field should have a familiarity with contemporary analytical procedures, with the foundations of formal logic and with at least some of the major classical figures of Western Philosophy.

It is recommended that students considering Philosophy as a possible Major Field begin with Philosophy 201 or 249. Upper-year transfer students could choose one of Philosophy 301, 303 and 305.

Students majoring in Philosophy should seek advice from the Department before each registration. Since many philosophical problems have their origins in other non-philosophical disciplines, students should not only consult about which philosophy courses to take but also about which non-philosophy courses might most benefit them. Advice may be obtained from members of the Department's Undergraduate Committee.

The Women's Studies Major program is designed to provide students with knowledge of the rapidly developing disciplinary and interdisciplinary literature in the field, while providing them with an understanding of the reasons for the development of a feminist scholarship. From its activist and academic perspective, the program will help prepare students for careers in government, social work, and business, while also providing them with a mode of analysis applicable to related fields, and to their own lives.

First year students in Women's Studies are encouraged to explore courses in a variety of areas. It is recommended that a first year program include: Women's Studies 201 and at least an additional 12 units (2.0 full-course equivalents) from the Faculty of Arts. Degree programs in Women's Studies include senior-level courses offered by various Departments either as core requirements or as options. It is therefore useful to take first year courses from a variety of related areas such as Sociology and History.

Students seeking advice on first year course selection may contact the Program Co-ordinator or the Arts Students' Centre.

Contact Information

Department Office: Social Sciences 1256

Phone: 403.220.5531/5533

Fax: 403.289.5698



For Program Advice

Students should consult a program advisor in the Arts Students' Centre for information and advice on their overall program requirements. Advising contact information can be found online:

For more specific advice regarding course selection and requirements in the major field, students should consult the Undergraduate Program Director located in the Department of Philosophy (consult Department website for contact information).

Admission to the Major

Prospective students wishing to enter the BA (Philosophy or Women's Studies) Program must meet the criteria listed in section A.2 Undergraduate Admission of this Calendar. Annual application deadlines are found in A.3 Deadline Dates for Undergraduate Applications for Admission and Transcripts.

Admission to Honours

The Faculty of Arts procedures for Admission to Honours established in section 3.4.2 Honours Degrees with a Major Field are applicable and provide the overall framework.

Philosophy: Students must complete an application in the online Student Centre by the February 1 deadline.

Women's Studies: Students majoring in Women’s Studies are eligible to apply for Honours by the February 1 deadline only if they will complete the program during the following academic year.

Overlapping Programs

Programs in Philosophy cannot be taken in conjunction with the minor in History and Philosophy of Science.

Field of Philosophy

The Field of Philosophy consists of all courses labelled Philosophy (PHIL) and Religious Studies (RELS) 363, 444, 445, and 463.

Field of Women's Studies

The Field of Women's Studies consists of the following courses: