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Respect in the Workplace

The University of Calgary is committed to providing a workplace that respects and promotes human rights, personal dignity, and health and safety.

A respectful workplace is one that is healthy, safe, supportive and values diversity. It is a place where students and employees are valued; communication is polite and courteous; people are treated with respect; conflict is addressed in a positive and respectful manner; and disrespectful behavior, harassment, bullying, and discrimination are not tolerated.

The University and all of its employees have a responsibility to create and maintain a respectful workplace. This includes:

  • fostering respectful behavior towards others;

  • avoiding placing one's self or others at risk;

  • respecting the value of diversity in the workplace;

  • challenging disrespectful or inappropriate behavior when it occurs;

  • reporting incidents of disrespectful behavior; and

  • utilizing the Employee and Family Assistance Program, if necessary

President Cannon is strongly committed to Respect in the Workplace. Listen to President Cannon's Message on how respectful conduct is a critical component of developing the healthy, energetic and productive campus community we need to achieve our Eyes High goal.

For more information about the Respect in the Workplace program, operated through Human Resources, please visit their website.