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Submitted by gillian.edwards on Fri, 10/07/2016 - 9:59am

The University of Calgary established the Office of Diversity, Equity and Protected Disclosure (ODEPD) in February 2014 to advance the core values of collaboration, communication, support and excellence which underlie the university's strategic direction, Eyes High.

Designed to deal with both individual and systemic issues, the ODEPD reports to General Counsel and has three full-time staff: a Director, a Protected Disclosure Advisor and an Office Administrator. The staffing reflects both sides of the ODEPD's mandate: in essence, the Protected Disclosure Advisor deals with individual cases, while the Director focuses on systemic issues.


The ODEPD supports and aligns with the University of Calgary’s Eyes High strategic direction and Human Resources’ Respect in the Workplace Program through:

  • Upholding and facilitating the university campus as a place for creative, respectful, constructive debate or dialogue about controversial issues in a safe environment; supporting healthy conflict
  • Fostering the understanding of different points of view
  • Fostering a community of change makers
  • Supporting the development of future leaders able to work effectively in a pluralistic society by acquiring intercultural competence
  • Developing an integrated strategic plan to continue building a welcoming and inclusive campus community
  • Ensuring each individual feels valued for his or her skills, abilities and contributions
  • Providing a centralized resource for diversity and inclusion information/resources and to link related initiatives/programs across campus
  • Providing a safe and confidential space for individuals to discuss protected disclosure matters, e.g., breaches of ethical conduct including alleged breaches of research integrity; (sexual) harassment, and/or discrimination.

Director, Dr. Valerie Pruegger

Phone: (403) 210-6699 
Office: AD 116B 

Protected Disclosure Advisor, Shirley Voyna Wilson

Phone: (403) 220-4086 
Office: AD 116A 

Office Administrator, Andrea Berbic

Phone: (403) 220-4439 
Office: AD 116