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UToday, March 10, 2017
Honorary Degree and Order of the University of Calgary recipients announced
Honourees will be conferred at the spring 2017 convocation ceremonies in June
Thursday, June 8, 9:30 a.m. - Honorary Degree Recipient: George Cooper. President Emeritus of the University of King’s College, Cooper is a former member of parliament, a renowned lawyer and managing trustee of the Killam Trusts.

UToday, February 22
UCalgary study sheds light on arthritis associated with psoriasis
New link between psoriasis and depression, and subsequent development of psoriatic arthritis, calls for better mental health assessment


Youtube, November 25
50 Years of Killam

Youtube, November 16
Meet Killam Laureate Valentina Bertolani
Valentina's video profile

Meet Killam Laureate Maurice Mohr
Maurice's video profile

Meet Killam Laureate Elena Favaro
Elena's video profile

Meet Killam Laureate Dan Berger
Dan's video profile

UToday, November 12
Acclaimed jazz guitarist and composer joins UCalgary as Killam Visiting Scholar
Joe Morris brings world leadership in the teaching and study of improvised music to the Faculty of Arts

UToday, November 10
A fire in the belly: Researcher races against time
PhD grad Marc Bomhof on a quest to understand complex relationship between high performance, weight, nutrition, and gut health

UToday, November 9
Non-profit work spurs 'superb' PhD thesis
Nilima Sonpal-Valias’ passion for non-profit human services and research generates practical results

UToday, November 4
Killam Trust recognizes UCalgary research and teaching leadership
Seven Killam Laureates awarded for excellence in health, community resilience, arts – and Internet security

Natural disaster researcher buoyed by Killam award
Faculty of Social Work's Julie Drolet says Killam Emerging Research Leader Award will open new doors

UToday, November 3
Can one addiction lead to another? Killam award supports grad student’s quest to find out
PhD candidate Andrew Kim studying gamblers to better understand addiction substitution process

UToday, November 2
Does stress make sweet and fat food irresistible to the brain?
Killam postdoc Georgia Balsevich studies how stress hormones may chemically amp up rewards of eating

UToday, November 1
How one student went from research avoider to Killam Laureate
Mentors help Social Work grad student Crystal Kwan become passionate about resilience in the senior population

UToday, October 31

UCalgary makes a clean sweep at ASTech Awards
Four researchers take home Alberta’s highest recognition for innovation

Killam awards a magnet for attracting brightest scholars, says trustee and former Chancellor Jim Dinning
Unique Canadian trust fund supports exceptional scholarship that contributes to global understanding

UToday, October 28
2016 Killam Scholars and award winners celebrated at annual reception
Students and faculty recognized for their outstanding research and leadership

UCalgary researcher-entrepreneurs recognized for leadership in Alberta science and tech
Top innovators to be recognized at ASTech Awards Oct. 28 - Ryan Lewinson

UToday, October 12
University's Susan Graham to lead research at Owerko Centre
Interdisciplinary research advances our understanding of children's neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, autism

UToday, August 31
Interning as a radio frequency designer amplifies career options for engineering student
PhD candidate Tushar Sharma one of first to participate in new experiential learning program for grad students

UToday, August 10
Biologist gets funding boost to study health of microbes in oceans
Jacqueline Zorz one of 19 doctoral students on campus to receive 2016 NSERC scholarship for fundamental research

UToday, July 8
Physicist exploring new ways to think about science and how to teach it
Killam Annual Professor Barry Sanders' approach to quantum research includes involving students as equals
Quest to build better bridges earns civil engineering professor a Killam award
Schulich’s Raafat El-Hacha drives his students to engage in critical thinking and active self-learning

UToday, July 6
Stroke expert probes the unknown to improve patient care worldwide
Cumming School researcher Andrew Demchuk's focus on teamwork and teaching earns him a Killam professorship

Unique approach to fighting kidney disease leads to Killam professorship
Cumming School professor Brenda Hemmelgarn mixes research and mentoring in search for solutions

UToday, July 4
Pop culture research paves road to Killam professorship for Bart Beaty
English professor shares passion for comics with students and community

UToday, June 9
Kinesiology grad student lands job as research scientist with Adidas
Graduating with a PhD in biomechanics, Hendrik Enders says he owes his success to experience at Human Performance Lab


UToday, November 26
Researchers look at fossilized eggs to explain evolution of dinosaur nests
Scientists show dinosaur nesting styles may have contributed to evolutionary success of brooding birds

UToday, November 4
Nine grad students awarded prestigious Vanier scholarships
Ecology PhD student receives Vanier and Killam Awards

UToday, November 3
Top 40 grad student champions fitness facility for cancer survivors
Lauren Capozzi nominated for award while pursuing Leaders in Medicine joint degree

UToday, October 21
2015 Killam Scholars and award winners celebrated at annual reception
Students and faculty recognized for their outstanding research and leadership

Killam Laureate stirs together globalization, empathy and advertising
PhD student in creative writing receives Killam predoctoral scholarship to help write a novel

Scientist 'ruthless' in his open approach to joint and muscle research
Newly reappointed Killam Memorial Chair Walter Herzog brings team methodology to research and teaching excellence

Scholar scans neurosurgeons' brains as they perform simulated operations
Yaser Maddahi earns Killam Postdoctoral Scholarship to develop touch-sensitive hand-controller

UToday, October 14
Pioneering mathematics professor honoured on international stage
Károly Bezdek, one of the world’s leaders in discrete geometry, is awarded 2015 Lászlo Fejes Tóth Prize

UToday, September 18
Researcher explores potential of mind, body and music connection
Composer and Beakerhead presenter Aura Pon uses sensory technology and body’s internal process to create music

UToday, August 18
From food personalities to diets that cause achy knees
Food research advances explore factors in allergies, food as people and a high sugar diet's link to osteoarthritis

UToday, July 3
PhD student's research uncovers dinosaur diversity in Japan
Surprising fossil eggshell fragment discovery reveals species diversity in the Cretaceous era

UToday, June 30
Five professors receive prestigious Killam awards
Faculty members from Medicine, Science, Veterinary Medicine, and Arts receive Killam Annual Professorships

UToday, May 15
McCaig-Killam Teaching Award honours Ann McCaig's 22 years of service
Having the heart, wisdom and lifelong commitment to transform education

UToday, May 15
International Foundations Program celebrates 15-year milestone
Courses prepare international students for rigours of post-secondary studies

UToday, March 6
In memoriam: Cy Frank, Cumming School of Medicine, Faculty of Kinesiology
Campus community remembers acclaimed orthopedic surgeon, scientist, mentor and advocate

UToday, February 13
Faculty of Social Work collaboration earns United Way Gold award
‘MAN-C’ project applauded for social innovation and impact

UToday, January 29
Could orthotic insoles work better? Biomechanical researcher thinks so
Three-month study looks for volunteers who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee

UToday, December 12
Chemist tackles molecular mysteries using computer visualization
Killam scholar Kyle Hall harnesses dual passions to solve chemical challenges

UToday, December 10
Killam scholar asks: How does Canada's bill of rights compare?
Mark Harding studies impact of Charter of Rights and Freedoms

UToday, December 8
Every breath they take, every move they make
Killam Pre-Doctoral Scholar Leigh Conroy researches the effect of respiratory motion on radiation dosimetry

UToday, December 4
Spotlight on Sustainability: Raising social issues in the classroom
By teaching and researching indigenous education, Werklund's Greg Lowan-Trudeau shifts the dialogue and depth of understanding
(Killam Alumni 2011)

UToday, December 03
Some fish products mislabelled, DNA evidence suggests
Informal undergrad study turns up surprising results

UToday, November 24
Discrete geometry helps solve real-life large-scale problems
Video profile of Muhammad Khan, recipient of a Killam Pre-Doctoral Scholarship

UToday, November 19
Bio-archeologist studies human skull remains
Video profile of Adrianne Offenbecker, recipient of a Killam Pre-Doctoral Scholarship

UToday, November 21
The psychological toll of undocumented Polish migrants
Killam scholar Basia Ellis employs ethnographic methods in her studies

UToday, November 17
Killam scholar takes on violent crime
Sociology's Tamara Nerlien compares longtime offenders with those who change their ways

UToday, November 14
Killam scholar driven to build better bridges
Donna Chen researches corrosion-resistant and lightweight hybrid bridge systems

UToday, November 12
Killam Laureate goes subcellular for clues to aging
Geoff Power examines the mystery of why we become frail with age

UToday, November 7
Killam laureate finds the chemistry he's looking for in Calgary
Organic materials research brings German chemist Christian Reus to the university

UToday, November 5 
Killam scholar explores link between changing gut flora and obesity
Marc Bomhof believes that feeding our belly bacteria might be the key to better health

UToday, November 3
Killam scholar applies multidisciplinary lens to arthritis
Kelsey Collins explores how inflammation associated with obesity contributes to osteoarthritis

UToday, October 31
How will groundwater and river systems react to our warming climate?
Killam scholar Barret Kuryluk researches water flow in the Canadian Rockies and Northwest Territories

UToday, October 29
Killam scholar focuses on supporting cancer patients' families
Nursing PhD candidate Colleen Cuthbert is researching the benefits of exercise for caregivers

UToday, October 27
Fish studies earn PhD candidate a Killam Scholarship
Matthew Morris’ study of threespine stickleback offers insight into evolutionary adaptation

UToday, October 23
Killam scholarship winner studies costly and common bone disease
Haley Britz looks for clues about osteoporosis in the microarchitecture of bones

UToday, October 21
Killam Scholars and award winners celebrated at annual reception
Students and faculty recognized for their outstanding research and leadership
UToday, October 21
Three top scholars named Killam Postdoctoral Laureates
Killam Trusts recognize early-career researchers for their groundbreaking work

UToday, October 21
Richer classroom experience opens doors to improved math learning
Killam Visiting Scholar John Mason to give presentation on teaching and learning math Nov. 6

UToday, October 20
The history of energy in the Americas
Big goals, international scope for two-day conference

UToday, October 15
Killam trustees at university for their annual visit
A full day of activity and celebration for trustees and award winners

UToday, October 2
Vaniers: Bioarchaeologist studies the history of violence
Doctoral student Adrianne Offenbecker is part of an extensive international research project in Paquimé, Mexico

UToday, September 18
Werklund Welcomes Killam Visiting Scholar John Mason
World-renowned math educator will share his expertise with students, academics and community

UToday, September 17
Killam Prize winner Sajeev John to speak on campus Sept. 24 
Visiting theoretical physicist to speak at free public event on the practical applications of photonic band materials

UToday, July 2
Four faculty members receive prestigious Killam awards
Professors from the faculties of Social Work, Medicine and Science receive Killam Annual Professor award

UToday, June 26
University well-represented at international osteoarthritis conference
Biomedical engineering takes centre stage with presentations from seven professors and 14 trainees

UToday, May 16
Patients should have a say in setting research priorities, paper says
Research uncovers top 10 questions about managing kidney failure

UToday, May 12
Hacking Health comes to the University of Calgary, June 13-15

Innovative healthcare solutions to be pitched and promoted during two-day technology event

UToday, April 7
Grad followed his passion for science, medicine — and music

Varied interests and remarkable talent led Dustin Anderson to pursue Leaders in Medicine program, with a side interest in music

Killam Laureates website, March 27
Changing Beliefs about Muscle Function

Dr. Walter Herzog, Faculty of Kinesiology

Faculty of Graduate Studies website, March 18
University of Calgary PhD student awarded Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship
Dave Snow to complete post-doc studies at Dalhousie University

UToday, March 13
Benno Nigg wins $50,000 Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Award  
Recognition for outstanding contributions in sports science

Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Newsletter, Winter 2014
Killam Teaching Award
Dr. Ian Gates, Faculty of Engineering


The Gauntlet, November 14
U of C student wins prestigious paleontology prize
Kohei Tanaka, Faculty of Science

UToday, November 8
Mysterious dinosaurs nested like birds
Researchers present important study on first nesting colony found in Asia

UToday, November 6
Killam Prize winner focuses on recruiting rebels to peace process
Belfast-born scholar who influenced Irish peace process to speak here

UToday, October 28
University researchers win ASTech awards
Celebrating outstanding achievements in science and technology in Alberta

UToday, October 25
Close Encounters with the Honourable Kevin Lynch and the Graduate Leaders Circle

Graduate students have the opportunity to network with prominent leader in society

UToday, October 23
Benno Nigg earns kudos as a top mentor
After 30 years, and an astounding 85 graduate students, renowned researcher earns 2013 Killam Graduate Supervision and Mentoring Award

Cindy Graham receives Killam Award for Leadership in Teaching
Well-earned recognition a first for Faculty of Science

UToday, October 22
Killam Research and Teaching Awards announced
Five faculty receive Killam honours

Killam scholars and award recipients celebrated at annual Killam dinner
Students and faculty recognized for outstanding research and leadership

UToday, October 18
Killam trustees at university for annual visit
A full day of activity and celebration for trustees and award winners

UToday, October 17
Killam Scholars demonstrate excellence in intellect and character
PhD students receive top-of-class award from Killam Trusts

CTV News, October 2
Fossils uncovered by floods
Darla Zelenitsky and Kohei Tanaka

UToday, September 27
Vaniers: No turning back after biomedical engineering student found his groove
Ryan Lewinson dedicated to improving equipment and solving problems

UToday, September 24
Vaniers: Lauren Capozzi followed her heart, straight to Health and Wellness Lab
‘I took a step back and finally just worked really hard at what I feel passionate about’

UToday, September 9
Royal Society of Canada names three professors as fellows
Peer recognition for David Eagle, Walter Herzog, Peter Stys.

UToday, July 5
Haskayne professor wins Cannes Creativity Award for procrastination video
Piers Steel part of ensemble cast in Prudential production.

UToday, June 6
Killam Annual Professorships awarded to five faculty members
Recipients: John Ferris, William Ghali, Susan Lees-Miller, Robert Oxoby, Keith Sharkey.

UToday, June 4
Accelerator grant to Kinesiology aims at unlocking secrets of muscle contraction

Funding for Walter Herzog to pursue new model of muscle mechanics.

Calgary Eyeopener, April 30
Muskox research at the U of C
Taya Forde, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

UToday, April 15
First pilot project focuses on integrated teaching and research
New course a model for College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation

UToday, February 20
Student credits language program for academic success
Kohei Tanaka, Geoscience

UToday, January 18
It’s not about a number
Healthy weight the focus of research.


United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference, January 2012
Journal Of Small Business Management Editor's Choice Award
Oleksiy Osiyevskyy (Pg. 8)

University Affairs, November 6 - Kevin Lynch, Killam Trustee
Canada must make profound changes to succeed

Faculty of Medicine, October 17
Faculty members honoured for their outstanding leadership

National Post, October 17
Romanticized ideas about First Nations life offer escapism for Germans

UToday, October 17
Our outstanding Killam professors
2012 recipients at top of class in teaching, mentoring and research skills.

UToday, October 16
Killam awards gala
Students and faculty celebrate Killam scholarships.

UToday, September 14
Reality warped by obsession
Class looks at the German fascination with Native North Americans.

UToday, August 31
Meet Tonya Callaghan
Award-winning scholar’s path brings her back to the University of Calgary.

CBC Eyeopener, May 15
Marijuana Study

UToday, May 10
Visiting Scholar prepares to leave

Sally Wyatt talks about her time on campus.

UToday, July 18
Digging to root of problem
Faculty of Social Work researcher awarded scholarship to improve healthcare for babies withdrawing from substance abuse during pregnancy.


UToday, November 14
Practice makes perfect

Killam award winning instructor uses onions to help teach clinical skills.

UToday, October 12
Killam scholars celebrated
Two post-doctoral and 26 pre-doctoral scholars receive
prestigious awards.

UToday, October 12
Chemistry scholar wins inaugural Schlenk Lecture award
Warren Piers invited to speak at the University of Tübingen.

UToday, October 5
Research and teaching excellence exemplified
University faculty honoured at Killam Research and Teaching Awards.