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Wireless Network - AirUC-Secure

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Students, Grad Students, Faculty & Staff, Continuing Education Students

AirUC-Secure is the encrypted wireless network at the University of Calgary.

Available in all buildings on campus, as well as outdoors, AirUC-Secure is the preferred university wireless connection for clients requiring mobile access to the Internet.

Note: a valid IT username and password (IT Account) is required to connect to the network.


The QuickConnect utility downloads a configuration tool that automatically detects your device settings and configures the setup for connecting to the selected network. This tool can be used on most devices off campus prior to visiting the University to ensure that you have Wi-Fi access the moment you are in range at the university.

AirUC-Secure QuickConnect


AirUC-Secure FAQs

Submitted by sdweir on Wed, 12/03/2014 - 11:32am

What is AirUC-Secure?

AirUC-Secure is the encrypted wireless network on campus. Only University of Calgary students, faculty and staff with a valid IT Account can connect to AirUC-Secure.

Why can't I login with my IT Account credentials?

You need to link your IT account to Windows Logon.

  1. Go to the IT Utilities webpage and click the Enable Windows Logon link.
  2. Enter your IT username and password and click Go.
  3. Enter your IT password and click Enable Windows Logon. 

Everytime I connect to the wireless network I have to accept a certificate, is this normal?

Yes, but you can install the certificate on your laptop so this does not happen. Please refer to the User Guide specific to your Operating System.

What is the difference between Eduroam and AirUC-Secure?

Eduroam is a wireless network that provides access when traveling to other educational institutions around the world. AirUC-Secure is the preferred wireless network available at the University of Calgary.

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Note: we are unable to reset your password via chat – reset online or by calling us at 403-220-5555.

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