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Welcome! The Faith & Spirituality Centre is a religion positive space that welcomes people from all religious, spiritual, secular-based, and questioning or seeking viewpoints.


We offer a variety of spiritual and faith-based practices and encourage religious literacy, interfaith dialogue, cooperation, and action as a critical part of the student experience at the University of Calgary so that students can be their authentic selves in a religion positive campus culture.


We endeavour to foster a more inclusive and pluralistic campus community where we move beyond the acknowledgement of differences, to understanding, action, and respect to build a better world.

What We Offer

Education & Awareness

Religious literacy is a key component to living in a pluralistic society and the FSC provides opportunities to learn; to learn about oneself, others and religious/spiritual/secular traditions and viewpoints.

Community & Leadership

The FSC is a place for community, relationships and for developing one‘s understanding of their place within a community.  We also provide opportunities for collaborative discussion and learning about living and engaging in a Canadian, democratic, secular and pluralistic society.  The FSC provides opportunities to engage in critical thinking by exploring the relationship of religion and spirituality in the public sphere, interreligious and intercultural dialogue and cooperation and how we can build global citizens and leaders to create a better world for all.


The FSC collaborates with many different communities to ensure the availability of individual chaplains from a variety of religious and spiritual communities.  Chaplains are here to provide spiritual/religious support and guidance and crisis support to students, staff and faculty regardless of their beliefs or outlook.  Many chaplains also engage in building communal opportunities for gathering, worship, growth and reflection.


The FSC is a resource for students, staff and faculty with regards to spiritual and religious matters on campus, including religious accommodation and the development and provision of other religious and spiritual resources.  The FSC also provides and manages spaces on campus for students to connect with self or others, pray, reflect or meditate. 

FSC Hours:

Apr 12 - Sep 8

Mondays - Fridays:
9:00am - 4:30pm

Upcoming Activities

March 25
Learn about the Baha'i Faith
The Native Centre, MSC 390

August 14 - 18, 2017
Building Religious & Cultural Inclusion in the Workplace course
Downtown campus