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Space upgrades and redevelopment on campus are driven by a variety of factors. Space modification requests are initiated by an authorized individual on behalf of a Dean's Office or business unit. These proposals are submitted through the ARCHIBUS online service request tool and are reviewed by Campus Planning, Campus Architecture and Campus Engineering, and the Project Management Office as required. The review includes an assessment of factors such as space requirements, planning priorities, proposal objectives, scope and funding. Once this review has taken place, Facilities will follow-up with the request initiator on next steps. Facilities works in collaboration with Supply Chain Management to ensure the procurement of university-approved contractors and suppliers.       

First steps pathway

Step 1:

Authorized initiator submits ARCHIBUS service request

Step 2:


Step 3:

Campus Planning review

Step 4:

Initiator follow-up

Step 5:

Campus Architecture, Engineering and Project Management Office engagement

Project delivery model

When a request is ready to move forward, Facilities works with the faculty/business unit throughout the delivery process, which includes: 

  • Programming and space identification
  • Concept design and approval
  • Preliminary design (floor plan review, basic content, cost estimates)
  • Design development and documentation 
  • Tendering award and construction
  • Completion and turnover

Note: Approvals take place throughout the process as required

Design standards

The university's design standards describe all types of interior and exterior spaces on campus ranging from instructional and laboratory spaces to meeting, lounge and kitchen spaces; library spaces and public spaces; and provide a framework for the University of Calgary to sustain its goal of providing high quality environments as a support to the learning experience of students and the work of staff.

The guiding principles of space design on campus include:

  • The health and safety of students, staff and the public is paramount.
  • The university is obliged to follow all legislative regulations and codes when building new or renovating existing facilities.
  • Space is a limited and valuable resource; it is essential that the university maximize the utility of buildings for the benefit of all.
  • Institutional needs continually change, so it is important to design spaces to allow for this.
  • The University of Calgary has many buildings, but it is a single institution. While each building on campus has a unique interior experience and history, design standards endeavor to ensure consistency in the configuration of space throughout campus.
  • The university has limited funds for repair or replacement of building finishes and furniture. It is important that these finishes and furniture contribute to a healthy environment and are durable over the long term as well as respectful of our operations and maintenance procedures.
  • The University of Calgary's Institutional Sustainability Strategy calls for excellence and leadership in advancing the pursuit of sustainability in teaching, research, campus operations and community service.
  • The University of Calgary has an approved Long Range Development Plan, specific facility master plans and unit space master plans. The occupancy, utilization, design and redesign of buildings, entry points and circulation systems, must be developed with reference to these plans.

Quick links

Campus Planning, Campus Architecture and Campus Engineering

Campus Planning, Campus Architecture and Campus Engineering collaboratively lead the integrated development of the physical environment that supports the University of Calgary’s Comprehensive Institutional Plan. They play an integral role in all decision-making related to planning, design and construction, and maintain capital planning and construction related policies, standards and guidelines. Collectively, they also ensure that all master plans are kept current and relevant to the Long Range Development Plan required by Alberta's Post Secondary Learning Act.  

Project Management Office

The university's Project Management Office manages the delivery of capital projects, ensuring they are completed on time, on budget and in accordance with the approved project scope and specifications.