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University of Calgary Facilities: Infrastructure funding


When it comes to capital planning, the University of Calgary aims to balance the competing needs of code upgrades, deferred maintenance, repurposing outdated spaces and new construction. 2016 Comprehensive Institutional Plan

Provincial funding to post-secondary institutions supports expansion projects needed to increase student access and provincial research capacity, as well as preservation projects needed to maintain existing buildings. Funding supports infrastructure for instruction, research and administration. Provincial funding does not support facilities for revenue generating services, such as parkades and student residences.

Deferred maintenance

Post-secondary institutions in Alberta receive annual Infrastructure Maintenance Program (IMP) funding from the province to maintain and improve the condition of facilities; a portion of the institution's general operating grants can also be used to complement IMP funding.

Deferred maintenance is evaluated campus-wide on an ongoing basis. The majority of deferred maintenance work tends to focus on older buildings on campus and is prioritized based on the needs of each building, with safety being the first priority. 

Classroom Alteration Request (CAR) and Facility Alteration Request (FAR)

The CAR/FAR initiative was established by the Provost's Office in the 2012/13 academic year and provides funding for classroom, learning space and facility renovations that improve the quality of teaching, learning and research environments on campus, plus the spaces that support those activities. Faculties submit projects annually for consideration and the funding comes directly from the university's internal budget. More

One-time funding: Strategic Investment Fund (SIF)

On Sept. 9, 2016, the federal government announced that the University of Calgary received funding for eight key infrastructure projects totaling $160 million from the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund (SIF). The federal government will provide $78 million, with the remaining $82 million coming from a mix of provincial funding, philanthropy and the university's own infrastructure dollars.

SIF is a federal government program supporting up to 50 per cent of the eligible costs of infrastructure projects at post-secondary institutions in collaboration with provinces and territories. The program supports projects that improve the scale or quality of facilities for research and innovation, and/or improves the environmental sustainability of research and innovation infrastructure. More

Other funding programs

Facilities also works with groups across campus on renovation and construction initiatives funded by a variety of programs, including the Quality Money program and the Campus Improvement Fund.