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University of Calgary Facilities: Key contacts

Submitted by aedowd on Tue, 01/03/2017 - 4:32pm

Online request

Anyone with a UCID can access the online service request tool, ARCHIBUS

Email request

Customer care will provide a request number for follow-up:

Call customer care

Customer care staff are available by phone M-F, 8am to 4:30pm403.220.7555

Office of the Vice-President, Facilities

Bart Becker Vice-President, Facilities 403.220.6711
Lynda Gwilliam Executive Director, Facilities 403.210.7706
Tara Younker Executive Assistant, Vice-President 403.220.6711

Submitted by aedowd on Mon, 03/20/2017 - 8:05pm

Facilities Management

Steven Gasser Associate Vice-President  403.220.7001
Tina Langford Executive Assistant, Associate Vice-President 403.220.4338
Facilities Zone Management


Mark Holland Manager, ARCHIBUS 403.220.3879


Michael Love Director, Caretaking 403.220.7789 
Mike Kassam Associate Director, Caretaking 403.220.6284
Samuel Whyte Program Manager, Caretaking 403.210.7704
Kirk Draper Manager, Caretaking, Zones 1, 3, 5 and 6 403.210.7414
Patrick Okafor Manager, Caretaking, Zones 2 and 4 403.220.2188

Operations and Maintenance

James Rendell Director, Operations and Maintenance 403.210.9706
Damian Goussis Supervisor, Administrative Services 403.220.5249
Shane Hubl Senior Manager, Facilities Maintenance 403.210.6536
George Ishmurzin Facility Manager, Zone 1 403.220.5187
Denis Villeneuve Facility Manager, Zone 2 403.220.2512
Janice Cummins Facility Manager, Zones 3 and 5 403.210.8522
Dean Langham Facility Manager, Zones 4 and 6 403.220.5805
Robb Nesbitt Manager, Maintenance and Planning 403.220.3701
Keith Krienke Lock Shop Team Lead 403.220.2820
Neil Webb Manager, Municipal Services 403.220.5822
Harry Friesen Supervisor, Grounds 403.220.4894
Lee Ferrari Manager, Fleet Operations 403.220.4379

Energy and Utilities

Murray Sloan Director, Energy and Utilities 403.220.7531
Annie-Claude Lachapelle Energy Manager 403.210.7320
Keith Altenhof Chief Engineer, Central Heating and Cooling Plant  403.220.3309 

Quality Assurance

Argenis Osorio Manager, Quality Assurance 403.220.6851

Submitted by aedowd on Mon, 03/20/2017 - 8:08pm

Facilities Development

Boris Dragicevic Associate Vice-President 403.220.4120
Marcia Smith Executive Assistant, Associate Vice-President 403.210.6027
Lori Campbell Administrative Assistant, Facilities Development 403.220.8233

Campus Architecture

Jane Ferrabee University Architect 403.210.3814

Campus Planning

Jon Greggs Director, Campus Planning 403.220.5609

Campus Engineering

Russell Siebert Director, Campus Engineering 403.210.7062

Facilities Development Finance

Chiu Szeto Manager, Capital Reporting 403.220.2545

Project Management Office

Mark Scharf Director, Project Management Office 403.220.3920
Maureen Dillon Senior Manager, Project Delivery 403.220.8318
Jennifer Knight Administrative Assistant, Project Management Office 403.220.7468

Real Estate, Leasing and Land Holdings

George Thomson Director, Real Estate, Leasing and Land Holdings 403.220.6001
Shannon Hirsch Real Property Administrator 403.220.3620

Records Management

Brent McPherson Specialist, Records Management 403.210.7159

Office of Sustainability

Joanne Perdue Chief Sustainability Officer 403.220.8547
Selena Seguin Executive Assistant, Office of Sustainability 403.210.6755
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