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Meet our wickedly talented, wildly creative Conference and Event Management team.

Jill Blackie, Associate Director – Food and Conference Services | 403-220-2242

“Working at the university has provided me with many opportunities and I am proud to be here working with teams that are passionate, caring and professional. In terms of style, I prefer clean lines and have an affinity for Asian influences. That being said, I do like to scour second-hand stores and junk shops, so there is a bit of Bohemian residing in me as well.”

Sanjay Khulbe, Food and Beverage Manager | 403-220-7154

“I’ve enjoyed working on various major events here at the university that have proved both interesting and challenging, such as the university’s 50th anniversary and the 2016 Congress reception; my ten years of experience in food and beverage operations for luxury hotels have helped me be successful in my current role. I prefer my style classic, but I never hesitate to try new trends.”

Michelle Pellerin, Manager, Conference and Event Management | 403-210-7558

“After being in the hotel business for over 15 years, the switch to being on a university campus has been exciting. I have been here over five years and every day is different. A leader is only as good as their team, and I have one of the best!”

Amanda Priddy Bowron, Senior Event Planner | 403-220-7941

“One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about working on campus for the past 14 years is the youthful atmosphere, and that no two events are ever the same - because each event is different, I am always learning new things. My signature style is balanced, calm and reliable.”

Kristen Trueman, Conference Planner | 403-338-3007

“Originally a small town girl who grew up in the Maritimes, I am an energetic and outgoing conference planner who takes pride in executing flawless events for her clients. I tend to gravitate toward styles that are casual chic, modern and comfortable.”

Kim Whitmore, Event Planner | 403-210-6322

“I have recently completed my Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation with the Convention Industry Council and am excited to take on unique new challenges – especially those that inspire me to be more creative and innovative.”

Stefanie Torres, Event Planner | 403-220-6086

“As an event planner, I have run my own business for over eight years - and I bet you’d never guess that I’m also a certified financial planner! My signature work style is a mixture of bold and modern. I like things to look neat and clean-lined, but bright and impactful at the same time.”

Jenn Kim, Event Planner | 403-220-2529

“Having recently joined the amazing CEM team, I find every project I take on quite interesting, especially during the festive season. My organization, attention to detail and creative imagination help me execute concepts in an approach that can be described in two words: precise and adventurous.”

Madelaine Otalora, Events Assistant | 403-220-6229

“I am dynamic employee who will go to the ends of the earth to help my team and clients achieve success exceeding all expectations. I value employees as people with innovative ideas and I treat everyone with absolute respect.”

Srikant Shetty, Event Space Coordinator | 403-210-7643

“Throughout my nine-year career in the hotel industry, I have worked on many events that challenged me and made me think innovatively, including working as part of a team to execute a plated dinner event for 2,300 people. While my style is somewhere between classic and modern, I follow new trends when they match with my personal style.”

Stanley Kabangwe, Business Operations Officer | 403-210-7678

“Before joining the university, I worked at National Pension Scheme Authority as Benefits Officer and as Accounting Support Associate with Compass Group Canada. My work style is centred around accuracy and promptness, and I enjoy taking on new projects that are outside my regular scope to keep things interesting.”


Last modified date: March 20, 2017